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Key features

With a growing bet on automation, one line from the Pentafoil series - christened PENTAFOIL-APE RECF 2560-90/2400 IBC-A was displayed at K-2016 in Dusseldorf is with 4 x 60 mm and 1 x 90 mm extruders and 500 mm CSD Die. With a maximum output of 650 kg/hour, the line produces all-PE film in the thickness range of 25 – 250 microns. This Five layer line operates at 600.4 kg/hour and is certified by TUV Nord that the specific electricity consumption under standard conditions for the 5 layer co-extruded blown film line is 0.3 kwh/kg of film output.

Grooved feed barrier screw extruder, Lever type single action manual screen changer, Cylindrical Spiral Die-head (CSD), Internal bubble cooling (IBC) system with 3 ultrasonic sensors, Air blower and drive, Co-centric calibration basket, tower structure with three walk-around platforms, Oscillating take-off unit with one walk around platform, Web guiding system, FAPN type dual station fully automatic load cell controlled surface winder and integrated Process control panel. Even with this, the Rajoo “Excellence in Extrusion” continues to remain affordable – an approach that has earned Rajoo global acclaim from users, industry experts and media alike

The film properties with a 5-layer configuration are significantly superior when compared to a conventional 3-layer alternative for non-barrier films.

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