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Key features

LAMINA è series of sheet lines are designed for absolute ease of operation and are available in a host of configurations to suit individual processor’s requirements.

One of the important components in the solar photovoltaic modules is the extruded encapsulant sheet. Rajoo offers the complete system, including dosing systems for compounds or single additives. The high-performance single screw extruder with its specially designed screw allows a high output while keeping the melt temperature low. Resins with different VA content and melt flow index are processed with the same screw design. Regrind material coming from the edge trims is processed as well. With the Rajoo’s sheet extrusion system operates at high speed, low winder tension while keeping the shrinkage under control. The process avoids tension in the film right from the start, so post-annealing systems are not required.

Since standard extrusion systems only provide a limited line speed/output, Lamina è has been designed and developed for the profitable production of low - shrinkage solar encapsulant sheet.

Today, sheet from Lamina E of Rajoo is successfully used in mass production of solar modules.

Benefits from Rajoo technology

  • high output,
  • high line speed,
  • controlled low shrinkage,
  • saving of interlayer film,
  • low energy consumption,
  • and of course profitable production

Rajoo’s one of the most reasonable developments for the future, made in India.

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