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Key features

AQUAFLEX blown film lines are downward extrusion water quenched universal application film lines to produce various combinations of PP and PE grades tailored to customer's specific requirements. The lines are capable to process LD, LLD, HD, PP and EVA. For narrow width bags a twin die-head downward extrusion blown film line is also offered to produce narrow width PP bags for grocery packaging application. These lines are extremely energy efficient and give optimum production rate which makes investment to installed capacity ratio much favorable.

Also available is the Multilayer PPTQ film line to produce a substitute film for the less stringent application of BOPP and CPP Films. With the core layer of sealant polymer grade, the outer layer could be of a designer resin grade or a simple homopolymer for achieving the appropriate property mix. AQUAFLEX is available up to 3 layer configuration to produce variety of films with output of upto 150kg/hour.

While mono and two layer lines are available with oscillating die, the three layer line is available with oscillating haul-off used in several medical packaging applications with right kind of multilayer film structures.

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