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Technical Assistance

With customer Satisfaction at its TOP Priority, Rajoo has always maintained its post-sale commitments irrespective of geographical boundaries to ensure maximum uptime at customer’s end. Rajoo supports all means of communication and technology to stay connected with its clients in order to listen to their queries and assist them in resolving their issues.

Our Technical Support Cell has a team of Technical Experts, always with full preparedness to take customer calls for any Technical Assistance required. Further to “Trouble-shooting” Rajoo extends Technical Support through a team of qualified process experts, on selection of recipes, polymers blend and film structure.

contact details any technical assistance:

Email : csupport@rajoo.com

Phone : +91 97 129 62704

Field Services

Qualified Engineers from our Customer Care Department are available for personal visits for any technical query which cannot be solved by distance communication and assistance. Smooth pre-dispatch trials of all machineries manufactured at our premises and efficient functioning at our clients’ are the most important goals at Rajoo.

A dedicated team of Service Engineers is always ready to cross boundaries any time to visit client sites and rectify the problem.

To avail 24/7 customer service by Rajoo, please lodge a request at "Online Request for Service Engineer". You can also send the requirement of service engineers on,

Email: service@rajoo.com

Phone: +91 97 129 52701(extension – 167)

Spare Parts

Rajoo offers a full range of lifecycle support & service of spare parts & equipment repair, onsite training and technical support.

We maintain stock of all essential spares for the products. This helps us to meet our client’s requirement that comes with urgency as malfunctioning of any single spare part of a machine can put the entire process on hold.

All our clients are also supplied with well detailed product manuals having product & spare parts numbers in a way that is easy to recognize and order.

We ensure dispatch of spare parts within 24 hours provided the requirement is clear and commercial formalities are completed. To get spare parts please contact us at:

Email: ccare@rajoo.com

Phone: +91 97 129 52701(extension – 126)


We at Rajoo, are always ready to go an extra mile to help our stakeholders by all possible means.

We offer technical training for clients’ Engineers, Operators, Programmers and Maintenance Staff for our products and its operating systems, automation process and technology used.

For any training requirement, please feel free to contact us at:

Email: csupport@rajoo.com

Phone: +91 97 129 32706


A complete set of operation and maintenance manuals are delivered to our customers at the time of installation of the machine.

Manuals consist of detailed information on safety instructions, installation, operation, major operational functions, maintenance, assembly-wise part lists, circuit diagrams, load data and manuals of the bought-out items like electric motors, valves, gear boxes etc. however, one can always order another copy of the manual on :

Email: manuals@rajoo.com

Extrusion Hints

Please leave your name and e-mail. We will send you the handbook for Extrusion Hints.

Trouble Shooting