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Key features

  • Customised for various barrier film applications
  • Extruders with universal grooved - feed barrier screws
  • Directly coupled gearbox and motor
  • Water / Oil Temperature controllers for grooved - feed section
  • Screen changers - manual or hydraulic with melt temperature and pressure measurement
  • Material conveying, blending, dosing and gsm control
  • CSD (Central Spiral Die) design with low residence time, self - purging for quick changeover and low polymer degradation and low gage variation
  • Internal Bubble Cooling with infra-red sensors
  • Profile measurement – non contact capacitive or nuclear sensor
  • Profile control with automatic air ring
  • Width measurement and control
  • Calibrating basket with PTFE or carbon fibre rollers
  • Long bubble collapsing frame with dynamically balanced aluminium or carbon fibre rollers
  • Oscillating haul-off with microporous bars as an option
  • Motorised Universal Gusseting
  • Water bath for reducing curling for asymmetric film structures
  • Sturdy well dimensioned tower structure with additional platform for utilities and accessories
  • Dynamic centre line web guiding system
  • Range of winders for different applications - fully automatic (taper tension and splicing) centre / surface / gap modes
  • Touch screen based integrated supervisory control

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