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A Sound knowledge base, innovative thinking, self-motivation, commitment, high customer orientation, interpersonal effectiveness & ability to influence others are pre-requisites for any aspirant.

An excellent academic record is a must as is an exemplary track record with all current and previous organizations.

If technical depth, breadth of exposure and career growth is what you are looking for,invites you to design your career with us.

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Professional internships are crucial to launching your career

Rajoo Engineers has decades of experience, a broad network, a wide range of internships and academic support to help you shape your future. Wide range of opportunities isavailable across the organization to suit nearly every academic major, area of interest or career goal. We offer opportunities to students pursuing careers in Engineering, Business administration, Accounts, HR, Production & IT. We offer a unique opportunity to focus on your interests and create a platform to launch your career.

The value Rajoo brings to interns

Not all internships are equally valuable. To get the maximum benefit, you need an internship that gives you substantive, résumé-enhancing experience in a respected organization. That's the kind of career-building activity you gain through an internship at Rajoo Engineers ltd.

Human Capital & Culture

Rajoo Engineering – People's Delight

Rajoo Engineers, to some, is the origin; to others, it is a journey and to still others, it is a destination. The common factor amongst all is that Rajoo Engineers continues to delight one and all at every stage.

The industry perceives Rajoo as a company which provides immense opportunities to learn, perform and grow. The unique approach of evolving and revolving job opportunities ensures that right capabilities of an individual are utilised across job functions ensuring highest level of job satisfaction to the employee and one of the highest return on investment for the company.

Management support is unrelenting and their easy accessibility and involvement in the minutest of details to address concerns are today setting standards in HR initiatives for similar sized companies. Unwilling to limit its thoughts within the organisation alone, the group connects with industry experts who continually advice the management on latest global practices for employee welfare.

Strong belief in the strength of people results in an ambience that ensures a healthy mind, healthy body and an enviable work culture. Being considered as 'Partners in Progress', every single individual at Rajoo is an important contributor to the growing human capital at Rajoo. With human capital bringing in centuries of man experience; on one side, processes are well defined and optimised; while on the other, the organisation remains nimble footed to quickly adapt to the changing market needs. A number of firsts to its credit is evidence to this approach.

Intrinsic to the Rajoo existence, are virtues of integrity and respect. Following a top-down approach, these attributes originate at the top, flow down to the employees, embrace suppliers and customers. Thus, Rajoo Engineers is today a respected company, a sought-after employer, a quality vendor and a revered customer; in short, a people's delight.